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To begin leveling with the normal method
Posted by: Skyzhay ()
Date: December 07, 2021 08:31AM

To begin leveling with the normal method, go up to the upper level within Lumbridge Castle and light the logs that appear there until you've reached level 15. From this point to level 35, you need to light Oak Logs, which you will cut by yourself, and once you've done that, your best choice is to select Teak trees for log gathering. You can carry on Woodcutting and lighting the logs you collect or switch to Winterodt. The efficiency of Firemaking is sufficient to ensure you get the best experience after at least level 50. Remember that the Magic or Redwood logs should be saved for Bird House runs, so don't use them on Firemaking.

There aren't any specific methods to reach high levels of Fishing fast, however as an Ironman your limitations won't keep you from progressing as fast in comparison to other abilities. Start by completing the Sea Slug quest, which will take you straight up to 24 levels.

You'll have to gather fish for the cooking experience and for the general food So, make sure you place them in the banks. In the level 48 of Fishing, you can learn about the Barbarian Fishing method that lets you catch Leaping Trout in Shilo Village and store it in an adjacent bank. At this point, you want to use Barbarian Fishing until the end of the game.

When you begin your Fletching training It is essential to gather some feathers which are required to make heads-free arrows. It is best to follow this technique until you reach level 22. At this point, you'll unlock the ability to create Iron Darts.

These are easily assembled at Blast Furnace. However, you'll be required to finish The Tourist Trap quest beforehand. NPC Ordan will be there to offer your Iron Ore so you won't have to worry about mining it yourself. The said Ore should be smelted at the Furnace and then turned into the bar used to make Iron Darts at the Anvil. While it may seem like an excellent idea however, it is best to move to bow making later on for more experience.If you want to know more about can go

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