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WoW Classic: The strongest team in the Nostalrius server gets through the NAXX in 62 minutes.
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Date: November 24, 2020 07:40AM

As World of Warcraft classic Anchorah passed the opening stage, the time consumption of the copy is getting shorter and shorter, players are also focusing more on the NAXX which has not yet opened. Especially with the loss of so many players during the opening phase of the game, the time consuming copy of NAXX has become a major concern for players.

At this stage of World of Warcraft, the record for the fastest time to clear the level is 44 minutes, while the record for the fastest time to clear the level in Nostalrius server is only 23 minutes, if you exclude the problem of jumping monsters, there is not much difference between the Nostalrius server record and the classic game record. The fastest time to skip mobs and beat 9 bosses in a classic game is 33 minutes. And what is the record for the fastest Naxx clearance in the Nostalrius server? The answer is 62 minutes.

62 minutes to get through NAXX may not seem like a long time, but there's a huge difference between teams and teams. For example, a team that takes 92 minutes to get through the NAXX has 40 players, all with full buffs and potions, and all members, including healers, must be tighter and more coordinated in order to kill monsters more efficiently.

In addition to buff and medicine complete, the speed of the equipment of the group is also very luxurious, such as the above Rage Tan, has been the classic version of the graduation level equipment, attack strength directly reached 2609 points, hit 11%, and even reached 53%, such a strong team, coupled with constant friction also need to spend an hour and a half to finish playing NAXX, can imagine, when the World of Warcraft classic open P6 stage, the wild group playing NAXX will be what the situation.

As mentioned earlier, the current record for the fastest clearance in World of Warcraft Classic is 43 minutes for Ankara, while the average clearance time for a normal Wild Corps, even if it's already in Farm, is around 3 hours, and that's without playing Vysstichius and jumping monsters. If the NAXX fastest record is 62 minutes to play, based on 4x hours, then the Wild Legion will take at least 4 hours to finish.

One might see 4 hours to get through NAXX as not too long, but it's worth mentioning that the Wild Mission can neither guarantee a full group buff nor have NAXX graduation level gear, so 4 hours is ideal. If you add in various factors, such as equipment level, player's familiarity with the copy, and so on, then it will take at least twice as long for the Wild Mission to get through the NAXX, which is 7-8 hours.

Also. The 8 hours we're talking about here is also what happens after you enter a stable Farm period. During the first week of World of Warcraft Classic Anchor opening, teams playing for 10+ hours abounded, and it didn't get better until a month later, so if nothing else, within the first month of World of Warcraft Classic opening NAXX, the vast majority of teams would need to play for 2 days to finish, or even finish at all.

If it was in the 60s, there would be no problem to play a copy for two days, or even a week, but this is the classic World of Warcraft, and players are more willing to participate in the wild group, and the biggest flaw in the wild group is that it cannot guarantee the stability of personnel, and there will certainly be a large number of "golden CDs", and more players will choose AFK.

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Classic's instance is not very difficult, and the real constraint on players is that the instance process is too long, which is the fundamental reason why players are less and less enthusiastic about the instance while World of Warcraft Classic has reached the Anchor stage.

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