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From PC to mobile devices, RuneScape has been adapting to the needs of the times
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Date: October 30, 2020 05:19AM

Runescape is a very well-known free game that has affected the childhood lives of many people. Because almost every current office worker and student family know Runescape this game. The game establishes a close connection between family and friends and makes everyone unite to collaborate in the game. buy rs3 gold

Hundreds to thousands of hours were spent in childhood grinding bosses or competing with each other to improve skills. Run to school to show all your friends all the Runescape Gold you earned the day before. This is a joy to all Runescape players.

As time goes by, former players will make choices about the game due to changes in their lives. Therefore, Runescape as a pastime game is not on the priority list. With the birth of Old School Runescape, thousands of players flooded in again. This is a huge change.

People continue to join the Runescape and Old School Runescape communities every day. After the mobile version was released, thousands of new players joined Runescape, which further strengthened the community. The game became so popular that they also spent time and money to make the game mobile.

The most surprising thing is that Old School Runescape is interoperable on mobile devices and PC devices. It not only provides players with an entertainment platform but also provides opportunities for some professional gamers to increase their income. Players can buy products such as Buy OSRS Gold on a legal platform, which is very meaningful.

It is worth mentioning that players will prepare another option for themselves, which is to conduct RS Gold transactions through reliable platforms such as and make the difference in the game by buying low and selling high. This may also be the case. RuneScape is different from other games, but you have to admit that this is a good way.

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OSRS combat guide for F2P players
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Date: November 24, 2020 07:37AM

For those of you looking for the gold and glory of OSRS, there are a few things you should know first. Additionally, if you play the F2P version of the game, you will find that preparing for the world of Old School Runescape can be quite a tedious and lengthy task. You are also limited compared to members. runescape 3 gold

However, there are still ways to get the most out of your combat training. With that in mind, this short guide to OSRS Combat will show you the best places to train combat as an F2P player.

The first 20 levels

We go to the farm at Lumbridge to look after the chickens. As with most early level games, this is a time when the leveling takes place quite quickly. You also have a chicken bonus with feathers and the option to collect raw chicken. Once that's done, head to the nearby shooting range to cook the chicken, which will also help you improve your cooking skills. If you plan on ever becoming a full member, save your chicken feathers for future Fletching.

After you reach level 10, go to Lumbridge Swamp. Then we will fight the Giant Rats south of the cemetery. By doing this, you can be sure to reach level 20 in no time.

Reach level 30

From there, we will now focus on the Al-Kharid warriors so that we get to level 30. These level 9 NPCs are a great way to build hourly experience for their defense. If you make sure you've also harvested food, you can even AFK at this level if you want.

Hill Giants to level 70

Hill Giants can be used to develop your character up to level 70. This is because they provide tons of experience per hour and provide loot that is good for making OSRS gold. If you go to the Great Stock Exchange west of the cooks guild you will find them here.

Enter the Grand Exchange and buy a copper key that will allow you to enter a small house. You are now ready to start training in an area that many old school players will love to remember.

At level 80

Giant spiders are your next stop, so it's time to get some food and drinks to fight them. In the Stronghold Security dungeon, go to the third level known as the Pit of Pestilence. If you keep moving back and forth to the area, you will find that this is a very cost effective method of leveling. Just make sure your defense skills are high enough to withstand the spiders here as it's a very useful place to level up.

Above level 80

Finally, a visit to the Corsair Cove dungeons is the place to go beyond level 80, courtesy of the Ogress Warriors who live in the area. They have good offense and defense, but will give you a lot of XP by defeating them. Again, make sure you are well equipped with plenty of food and drinks.

Thank you for reading and buy osrs gold from all the time, thank you again. Good luck!

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