Jagex would have done differently to improve the life span of Runescape?
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Datum: 01. Dezember 2021 09:05

Smithing Guild. Well, in smithing what are two crucial parts? It's anvils and furnaces. There's nothing else to say about this part of the guild. I would also recommend a shop which allows people to purchase or sell bars and ores that are mined or smithed, but since its an NPC-based shop, the price you get from selling them will be less.

And the buying price will be slightly higher than G.E. (this is to prevent people from staying there sooo long while earning so many dollars, thereby motivating them to quit and deposit money elsewhere.) Please feel free to point out flaws. This was an idea I tried to share on the official rs forums. Since no one replied, I decided to try posting it on sals. My idea for a start is: Zombie Wars.

Now,this will be a new minigame on runescape where you will be transported to an alternate universe where everything is as normal except for certain things. Everywhere is dark and deserted, there is a spooky mist that is floating around, all the villages are down and there are zombies and terrifying creatures everywhere!

It is believed that the forces of evil have removed guthix, Saradomin (and any other gods not supportive of zombies everywhere) from Runescape. So now zamorak, and other gods and gods of evil have taken control, infecting the world with zombies and skeletons and many other vile creatures. It is not possible to attack opponents in this mini-game, only adversaries. To make it easier for teams to work together Multi-combat is available everywhere.

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