Rsgoldfast - It was inspired by Soviet's ribbon in RS Discussions
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Datum: 10. Mai 2021 09:20

A two peice leather set, the top with a armor peice coming from the shoulders and the other peice from their legs 100 tokens for the bottom and top together. A two serenity set once again, that one includes a symbol of guthix about the ches, and includes a spike coming from the arms, however, a peice of armor on the toes.100 tokens for both parts. A two peice set, a surge comes out of the arm and the legs, and has the sign of zamarock on the chest100 tokens for both barts of the set

11!!!" topic. It was inspired by Soviet's ribbon in RS Discussions. What if all the levels of this wilderness were brought back, and gamers could strike eachother again. Obviously, the problem was that RWTs would let themselves be killed by their client, and the customer picks up the drops. With this suggestion, after a player is killed, they drop only one of 3 keys.

Lvls 3-55 drop a minimal level key, lvls 55-100 drop a moderate secret, and 100+ fall a top lvl key. It is an idea like the muddy key, only this one wouldn't be tradeable (and also far more valuable, also; killing a player is a whole lot tougher than killing a chaos dwarf).

Once a player is killed, their items are deposited into a corresponding torso, either a low, medium, or higher lvl chest. The low level key unlocks the very low level torso, etc.. The low level chest would maintain reduced level wildy, moderate in moderate wildy, etc..

Here's the thing that defeats RWT: The low torso would contain ALL the things that any minimal level killed from that planet would have dropped, the medium chest contains ALL the moderate leveled player drops, etc.. If you kill a player and receive a medium secret, then go to the medium torso, you will get an entirely random set of items from in the torso. You may get anything from full dragon to a couple of empty vials, regardless of what the player you murdered would have fallen.

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